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Volunteering Organisation in Tanzania: Hostel Hoff

Welcome to Hostel Hoff - an African volunteering agency

In 2006 Hostel Hoff was a small enterprise and was started with the aim of helping volunteers /Interns side step international profit orientated “organizations".  It has been our belief that people should not have to pay to volunteer, therefore requiring volunteers to cover only their accommodation and meals.


For over 15 years we have worked hard to establish great partnerships with local organisations here in Moshi.  We are now able to offer volunteering & internship placements in orphanages, nursery schools, primary schools, vocational training placements, women's groups, centres for children with disabilities and environmental conservation projects.

 In truth, we never hoped to achieve as much as we have. Our view seems to be shared with many of you out there and this has allowed us to give real, substantial and continuous help to a number of projects that we support.

Volunteering organisation Hostel Hoff in Moshi

Here are some of the highlights. We hope you'll join the adventure!

  1. Construction of 20 houses in the village of Shimbwe
  2. Corner stone building in Newlands
  3. Hundreds of children sponsored
  4. Schools constructed
  5. Micro loans projects for women groups
  6. Hundreds of children receiving medical insurance
  7. Orphanages fully supported


Opinions about our our Volunteering agecy

"At Hostel Hoff, it's like being in one big happy family and the staff work very hard to make you feel at home.  Located in Moshi, the foothills of Mt. Kilimanjaro, it's a great location and you are never short of things to do. I had some of the best months of my life here, and volunteering through their organisation was on of the best things I ever decided to do.  I cant wait to return".

Volunteering agency - happy kids in Moshi


Living at the Hostel will give you the opportunity of meeting some really amazing people. The family feel at the Hostel is something you don’t always find at Hostel’s around the world, but you really will here! Everyone is achieving wonderful things and working hard in their various projects here in Moshi as well as having time to play hard and enjoy the whole experience.  

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Karibu (welcome) to Hostel Hoff.

Welcome to Hostel Hoff, a local volunteering agency dedicated to connecting passionate individuals with meaningful volunteer opportunities in Tanzania, Africa. Since 2006, we’ve been working to establish great partnerships with local organisations in Moshi. Our mission is to empower communities in Africa through sustainable volunteer programs.

In our offer, you can find volunteer and internship opportunities in Tanzania in Hospitals, environmental conservation programs, women's groups, centres for children with disabilities, primary schools, nurseries, and orphanages.

The mission of our volunteering agency in Tanzania

The mission of our international volunteer organisation is to empower communities in Africa and give them support they need. We strive to make a positive impact by providing volunteers with the opportunity to gain valuable skills and experiences while contributing to the development of local communities. We offer a wide range of programs in various fields such as education, healthcare, community development and more. They’re designed to address the specific needs of the communities we work with and are tailored to the skills and interests of our volunteers.

With us, you’ll meet unique people that will make you feel a part of the local community. Apart from hard work, you’ll also have time to play and enjoy the entire experience. 

Don’t wait and join our volunteer organisation to make a difference. During your time at Hostel Hoff, you can expect to work on projects related to:

  • teaching children to help them build their English language skills,
  • supporting orphanages, running activities for children and helping them with homework,
  • working with children & young people with disabilities, playing with them and sharing your knowledge,
  • performing construction and building work,
  • planting trees in local villages, making them more sustainable,
  • supporting local clinics and hospitals which is a great opportunity for volunteers with a medical background,
  • empowering local women and helping them become more self-sufficient,

and many more. To learn about volunteering in Africa, check out our page. 

Why should you choose Hostel Hoff?

Hostel Hoff is a reputable and reliable volunteering agency in Tanzania with a proven track record of providing quality volunteer opportunities. We have a team of dedicated professionals who are committed to ensuring that our volunteers have the best possible experience.

Moreover, since we don't think anybody should have to pay to volunteer, we ask that volunteers cover the costs of their meals and accommodation. If you’re passionate about making a difference and want to gain valuable skills, then Hostel Hoff is the perfect local volunteer organisation for you. 

Volunteering with us is a truly life-changing experience. Not only will you have the opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of people in Africa, but you’ll also gain valuable experiences that will benefit your personal and professional life. 

Have any questions? Feel free to contact our volunteering organisation. Join us on a journey of discovery and make a meaningful impact in the lives of people in Africa to develop a deeper understanding and appreciation for diversity, learn new languages and acquire important skills such as teamwork, communication, problem-solving, and leadership!