Prices for Hostel Hoff depend on how long you are staying.  A minimum 1 month stay is required however during quiet times shorter stays will be considered.  Contact us regarding this.


1.  For those staying under 3 months, the cost is USD$21 per night for the first month and then USD$20 per night in the second and third months.

2.  For those staying for more than 3 months, the cost is USD$19 per night for the entire stay.

3.  Double & twin private bedded rooms are available for an extra cost of USD$2 per person per night subject to availability.


Note: Rate includes breakfast, dinner & laundry daily.

Vegetarians & special meal requirements are catered for.


Important Notice : The Tanzanian government have implemented a bed levy tax which is an additional USD$1.50 per person per night.  This is included in your nightly rate.



"My stay in Hostel Hoff made my trip to Tanzania.  The support and assistance they offer is second to none.  I had no idea what to expect or what lay ahead of me when I booked my flights to Kili on a whim.  The help and guidance I recieved from the staff and fellow hoffers was invaluable, not to mention the fabulous friendships". 


Volunteer visa costs

To volunteer in Tanzania for 1-3 months you will require two visas.  A Business visa USD$200, along with your Tourist Visa USD$50 (USD$100 for American passports).  Both of these are available upon arrival at the airport or border crossing in Tanzania. Please do not try to sort your visas out prior to in country arrival as it will only complicate the process.


To finalize your visa process you will need to have with you upon arrival:

  • A Hostel Hoff / Path to Africa Volunteer agreement, which will be emailed to you after finalizing your booking
  • Volunteer visa payment of USD$250 (USD$300 for American passports) valid 1 to 3 months. 


This visa fee is implemented by the Tanzanian government and it is mandatory to anyone volunteering within Tanzania. It is completely out of our control. 


For volunteer opportunities longer than 3 months please email us at  to enquire about additional visa requirements.  


Booking procedure / conditions

To book, please contact us directly via email.  At this time we will email you a booking form and additional information. 

Once booked, cancellation fees may apply.  


Please note that if bringing USD notes, make sure they are printed on/after 2003 as any older notes printed before this, are not accepted anywhere in Tanzania.