Inters here do provide vital aid to the disadvantaged and help ensure that all Tanzanians, regardless of wealth and social standing, have access to proper healthcare and medication. Applicants interested in joining our medical internship opportunity in Tanzania need to possess previous experience and training in the medical field. If you are a trained nurse, doctor, or medical student with love and passion for the most disadvantaged, then you would be well suited to this project. You will need a kind disposition and patience, as well as a sincere wish to see healthcare services provided to those who cannot afford or access them. Your exact intern responsibilities will greatly depend on your education, experience, and existing skills/qualifications. You will not be allowed to perform major diagnostic or surgical work but will work closely with local doctors and medical staff.

Common tasks for medical interns in Tanzania include taking temperature measurements, assisting doctors in their day to day activities (including ward rounds), work in the major and minor theatres, assisting in childbirth, providing health advice and counselling to patients, and treating minor injuries and wounds. You will also be assisting with administrative work and patient records as needed.