"I came to Hostel Hoff and stayed for 3 months and had the absolute best experience of my life so far.  I travelled to the Hoff alone, but within days felt like I was part of one big ever-changing family.  One of the best parts of the experience is getting to know interesting people from all over the world"


What distinguishes our volunteering hostel in Africa, Tanzania?

Although there are other hostels in Moshi Town, there are no other hostels like the Hoff.  We have the space and atmosphere for people to relax, have fun, chat, work and watch DVD's.  People come from all around the world and stay from 1 month to as long as 12 months.  The hostel is located just 5 mins walk from town and a 4000Tshs (approx USD$2.50) taxi ride from any of the most popular restaurants. We have a large garden where you can relax, play sports or read in the hammock.

How is the accommodation in our Moshi hostel?

Accommodation is mostly dorm rooms, with a few private 2 person rooms for couples or friends travelling together. There are between 2-6 beds per room depending on the size of the room and the time of year you come (off-season there will likely be less people; high season, well, it's an opportunity to make more close friends!).  The emphasis at the hostel for volunteers in Tanzania is placed on a relaxed friendly atmosphere and after a few weeks, will feel like your second home.  Most people who stay are travelling alone and so it gives an opportunity for people to live with and make friends with other travellers and volunteers.  There are many common sitting areas and rooms, so there is space to carry out different activities. There are also many supplies left in the hostel by previous travellers/volunteers that are for common use, such as paper, paints, medical supplies etc.

During the late afternoon (when people have returned from their volunteering) or on the weekends you can commonly see a volleyball match happening in the front yard, people playing cards, darts, relaxing in one of the hammocks, reading or chatting to our local staff.

Breakfast and dinner are provided for everyone and laundry is included.  We have a wonderful team of staff working at the hostel, who are friendly, trustworthy and love interacting with the volunteers. Everything is provided at the hostel, from mosquito nets, sheets and pillows, to books and DVDs.

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If you are coming from abroad we have decided that there are 3 rules:

Firstly, you must bring a poster, picture, postcard or something that either represents where you are coming from or is just plain funky to our volunteering hostel.

Secondly, we would like you to bring your favourite book or DVD and add it to the collection.

Thirdly, and very important, you must bring chocolate or a traditional delicacy from your home country.  This will make you the most popular new volunteer when you have chocolate/delicacy to share around.

You can only stay at Hostel Hoff if you truly love the Hoff.  If you don’t know who the Hoff is, please return to the 90’s and watch some Baywatch reruns.